Photo Wedding

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What is a Photo Wedding?

With strict time limits on Japanese weddings, many photos are rushed leaving the happy couple disappointed.  Therefore, with Serendipity Photo Weddings, you can have your wedding photos taken before the special day – so that you have more time for friends and family ON the special day!

If you are an international couple, the Photo Wedding makes an ideal gift for your family back home!

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Create your very own, unique photo space surrounded by flowers.


Full consultation with the planner to help you design your ideal photo shots.


  • Florist
  • Wedding Planner
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Photographer

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A carefully selected range of domestic and foreign wedding dresses are available for the blushing bride.

With Family&Friends

Include your family and friends, and even your pets!  And as an optional extra, turn this little pre-wedding (or post-wedding) event a party for all to enjoy!

International Marriage

With our English and Japanese speaking wedding planner, florist and photographer, we can ensure the best possible support for international couples.


  • Free Consultation with planner
  • Hair and Make up
  • Full telephone and mail support prior to the shoot
  • Full staff attendance on the day of the shoot

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Optional Extra – After Party

Invite your family and friends for a petit post shoot party.
Charges include catering, drinks and decoration for 2 hours.  The cost varies according to the number of people (maximum 10).  Contact us for a quote.

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